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My Automated Home: One Woman’s journey into the smart home world

often the tech world can seem like a private mens club. Thankfully that’s changing with each year that passes and our latest ‘My Automated Home’ feature comes from our forum member Mavis.

Read on for a female perspective on the smart home, the good and the bad, and even an admission that it’s not just men that sneak those tech purchases into the home past their better half!

Catching the Bug

As a 47 year old woman I guess I am in the minority when it pertains to my love of all things techy. I can think of nothing better than getting a new appliance or gadget and sitting down with the instruction book and trying out all the features.

My love of anything technical began when my daddy bought me a ZX80 way back when computers were only just becoming the ‘norm’. I studied computer science at A level and even though I failed all my A levels, I still remember with fondness the programme I wrote on a BBC computer with BASIC.

I have always lusted over the fully automated homes that used to appear on Tomorrows world with such gadgets as automatic lights, blinds and curtains that operated remotely and piped music. Well, my dreams are finally turning into reality. 

My smart home So Far

We moved house last year and I made a decision after reading a few forums on operating heating remotely that I would invest in the Honeywell evohome system. I like the freedom being able to set each room to a different temperature, as well as having the technology to turn the heating off or down remotely.

The touch screen controller is a dream to use and it is so easy to, for example, boost the temperature in the shower room just before using it. My home feels much a lot more comfortable and we have the added perk that it looks as though we are saving a significant amount of gas although it is early days yet and we don’t have any true data to compare against. I have also had a bit of a play with IFTTT and now have some radiators set to come on if our kid is on day shift at the weekend – it picks up crucial words from my Google calendar and triggers the radiators to come on at a set tijd. optimal for irregular shift patterns.

So I have caught the bug and now have moved onto automating my lights. I went with the LightwaveRF range and have changed all our light switches and some of the electrical sockets too. This has enabled me to get round issues such as a light switch behind a door – I have installed a wireless ‘Mood Switch’ in a a lot more accessible place and a wireless light switch next to the exterior kitchen door. I have also installed a PIR in the hall for the night time trips to the bathroom. again the techy part of me was not delighted until I got the remote gateway so I have now set my sitting room lamps and light to come on at dusk every day (and one touch of the ‘Mood Switch’ switches them all off.)

To monitor all of this I have the loop energy Tracker which monitors both electrical energy and gas. The advantage of the loop is that it produces usage graphs so you can compare your usage day on day.

But it has not all been practicality. In the bedroom, purely for decoration, I have a set of fancy string lights plugged into a LightwaveRF timer plug set to come on at dusk and go off at a set time.

What I don’t like about modern automated living is all the clutter that comes with electrical connections. Every room has at least one tower electrical adapter and the number of Internet gateways, chargers and remote controls does not make for a tidy home.

I have never been a shoes and handbags girl and instead get the same rush over a new Sat Nav or phone.  I have also been known to hide purchases from my spouse as he thinks they are a waste of money – I certainly did not tell him how much the light switches cost!

Future plans for My smart Home  

Change to LED bulbs throughout, not as straight forward as it sounds as I am struggling for compatibility for LWRF and dimming in general.

Streaming music throughout the bungalow – possibly using ceiling speakers in the shower room and kitchen and maybe wireless elsewhere.

Making a lot more use of IFTTT

Redesigning my garden with automated lighting and possibly a water feature.

I have always liked the idea of Raspberry Pi and would like to dabble with this and/or Python although I guess without a certain purpose then it would be pretty meaningless.

I also have a bit of a dilemma – possible circumstances may indicate that we will step house again in a couple of years time so this has shifted my focus a bit to only installing semi permanent or easily removable tech.  The plus side of this indicates that tech will have come on further and I will be able to plan from scratch.

I have dreams of what I could do if I had a small win on the Lottery. I’d have someone come in and draw up a plan for the whole house so that I could gradually get and install suitable and compatible tech that works with each other.Mijn andere droom is voor die grote loterijwinst en houdt in dat iemand het hele huis maakt en installeert zodat het barst van technologie, van kleurveranderende douchecabines met muziek, tot verborgen luidsprekers in elke kamer. Ach ja, een meisje kan dromen



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